Marilyn was so much fun to photograph.  She would go for it all!  This lady has confidence, a beautiful face and a rockin' body. 

 A huge shout out to you Linda . Thank you for a fabulous photo shoot. My pictures turned out better than I ever imagined possible.   I had them taken as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. He said it was the best present he he ever received.

   You rocked the camera for this 68 year old girl  who in my mind will be Forever Young thank you again for creating the best present ever for the love of my life. 😍 Marilyn Moiera. Huntington Beach CA

Debra went for the gusto with several mood and wardrobe changes.  A whole day shoot that ended in champagne.  A girl after my own heart.

    'I had so much fun doing the shoot and Linda helped me to relax right away. 

    When I first saw the pictures with Linda, I was so emotional - they were everything and more than what I expected.  I never thought I was photogenic, but you would never know it from the pictures.  Linda's presentation of the pictures was awesome.  She was also extremely receptive to ideas I had which is not typical of most artists. :)
     The final products are so beautiful that every time I look at them I still get emotional. 

     The entire adventure was one full of professionalism, surrounded by lots of emotions and in the end, a true gift of love for my husband.  Saying thank you Linda doesn't seem like enough, but thank you from the bottom of our hearts.'

Debra G., Scottsdale AZ

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​​Jennifer is a photographers delight.  She knows what she wants and communicates it beautifully.  

Linda has the unique ability to capture the essence of the person she's photographing. Her talent lies in creating keepsake portraits and albums that are personal treasures.

   I've hired her on several occasions in San Francisco to photograph my son as he's grown, to shoot business head shots and we did a little boudoir. All fun and beautiful.

Jennifer Meighan, San Francisco, CA